Fresh Start UK can provide the debt management solution that is right for you. We are experts on payday loans, debt management plans and debt advice.

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Payday Loan Debt Management

If you have ever taken a payday loan out you have probably fallen into the trap of borrowing more because you can’t afford to pay them otherwise. Before you know it you have to keep borrowing just to afford the repayments. We CAN help break the cycle and we can do it quickly and easily with payday loan debt relief.

We understand Pay day Loans and Pay day Loan Companies better than most and deal with over 100!

Do you have a loan with?

  •      Wonga      Quick Quid      Payday Express      Payday UK
  •      Lending Stream      Txt Loan      24/7 Moneybox      Cash Choice
  •      Capital Finance One (CFO)      Toothfairy Finances/Speed Credit
  •      Advance Quid      Swift Sterling/Pounds Till Payday      Early Payday
  •      Cash Generator      Cash Genie    Mr Lender      One Month Loan
  •      Pounds 4 Payday      Wageday Advance     Mini Credit?


Can We Help?

Absolutely! We are one of the fastest Debt Help Companies out there. We provide a 24 hour setup for Debt Management customers because often the payments are due very soon with this type of debt.

Can We Stop the Payments?

Yes, we give you the advice and assistance help to stop the payments usually with immediate effect, so even if you get paid tomorrow, we can help!

How long will it take?

We can setup by email or post and it only takes us 24 hours to setup an account from when we get the documents back from you. We then send the offers off to your creditors and either wait for them to respond or chase them up if they take longer. Some companies like Quick Quid, Wonga, Swift Sterling/Pounds Till Payday usually accept within a day or 2 but some other companies can take up to a week or 2.

Do I have to pay upfront?

We do charge a fee, but not before we start the work like many other companies. We will start helping you right away, even if you don’t get paid for a few weeks. So we will begin work and contact everyone for you as soon as you confirm you want to go-ahead with the plan.

They are calling my work!

Most Pay day Loan Companies have your contact details, including your work phone numbers. We understand that this is particularly worrying for some people as they don’t want people at work to know. If you are already getting calls at work, due to the fact we setup our plans so quickly, we can get contact out to those pay day loan companies and ask them to stop calling you as we are now dealing with the matter. This will usually stop the calls long enough for us to get the offers looked at by them.

What Next?

If you have a problem with pay day loans and need some assistance breaking the cycle of having to borrow to pay another debt off each month then we can really make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you are up-to-date, behind a bit or your accounts are very overdue. All that matters is that you are struggling and want to stop the worry and hassle. We can help by email or phone and all of our staff are experts. Email  or Phone our debt line contact number 01482 247 999 or click here

I want to know more

We are specialist in providing help to people who are struggling with mounting debts owed to Pay day Loan Companies. Always friendly and happy to help, we provide advice on where to turn and what to do. We have provided many of the main questions asked about this type of debt, but we have more information about what we do and how we can help here…Pay day Loan Debt Management.



Subject to eligibility and acceptance. Conditions apply. Alternative Debt Management Solutions may be offered. Initial advice is free, fees payable for continuing services. Repaying debt over a longer period of time may increase the total amount to be repaid. Your ability to obtain credit will be effected in the short-term and possibly the mid- and long-term. Calls maybe recorded.