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Debt Management Training & Courses

A growing number of businesses and individuals now want to either start their own Debt Management or Debt Collection Company, or use their existing business to move into the industry. Claims Management / PPI reclaims businesses are ideally placed to make the move and we have seen a growing number of companies making the transition and the PPI and Claims markets reduce over time.

What we have to offer

Over the last few years we have assisted a number of start-up and SMEs transition or start in the industry. As a current authorised Debt Management Provider and member of APDSI (Association of Professional Debt Solution Intermediaries) we are able to offer a unique perspective and effective debt management training. There are other training providers and some training courses, but we offer all advice and training from our Managing Director, who is actively involved with this business and a number of other Debt Management Companies.

The main reason we share our experience and expertise is to ensuring you minimise the risk and maximise your chances of success. We are able to do this due to the size of the industry and our placement.

We offer specific training in addition to a Debt Management training course

With we are able to provide you with: 

  1. Where required, assistance in the formation of the firm or business, setting up domains and application to ICO
  2. Assistance/Referred Assistance with the FCA licence application, section 6(3) notice & supporting documents where needed
  3. Assistance/Referred Assistance with provision of additional documents and policies
  4. Assistance/Referred Assistance with Interim Authorisation to the FCA and then Full Authorisation
  5. Guidance on a range of industry providers, such as software, banking facilities and merchant accounts
  6. Onsite training at a range of level for you and key staff in your business
  7. Telephone and email support prior or post going go live
  8. Guidance on marketing


The areas listed above are the main areas we can assist businesses either start a Debt Management Business or transition their existing business into the marketplace. We have helped a number of Claims Management & PPI Businesses make the successful transition and provide support moving forward.

One of the options we have that is an ‘off the shelf’ product is our non-accredited two day training course. This is usually an essential element, but in conjunction with the specific business needs.

Two Day Course

One of the services we offer is a two day intensive training course or workshop which acts as an in-depth introduction to Debt Management and the industry. This is a Non-accredited course is designed for people with little or no knowledge that intend to work in the Debt Management Industry. The Debt Management Training course we provide is at your site and is not a distance learning or online course.

Although the course is an introduction there is in-depth training around the following areas:

Focus of the course

To train members of staff to be able to understand the marketplace, the options available and what is expected of them and their business. Particular focus is put on the correct and compliant qualification of clients based on a structured model. We also provide an informal exam to help consolidation when learning.

Further Training

There are a number of different training options depending on a company’s needs and budget, in addition to the above two day course. Anything in addition to the above would normally be bespoke, depending on the particular needs of the business, such as listed in points 1-8 above.

External Training

There are a number of options potentially open to you for further training. Insolvency Training can be provided by a Code Approved Insolvency Practitioner through APDSI. It may also be possible to attend further accredited training in conjunction with APDSI resulting in formal qualifications.

Licence Time Frames & Risks

The training we provide and the businesses we use/recommend cannot guarantee a licence is granted. The FCA take measures to ensure businesses that gain or retain licences are fit to do so and the application process is robust and lengthy. Much depends on the business model, directors history and the application itself.

The FCA will expect all applicants to be able to demonstrate the person running the business is competent not only to run a business, but has sufficient knowledge, experience and training to run a Debt Management Business.

We provide training in advance of any official inspection so you are sufficiently prepared and can meet the expectations set and it is demonstrable you are capable of running the business, in line with your application.

We provide Training on

  • Debt Management Solutions
  • Debt Collection (1 day collection course – Ideal for internal collection – PPI companies

Some of our main clients?

  • Aztec Collections (Debt Collection)
  • Promise Financial Solutions (Debt Management)
  • Promise Collections (Debt Collection – external)
  • Clearer Finances (Debt Management)
  • Debt Plan UK (PPI transition to Debt Management)
  • Money & Debt (Debt Management)
  • Claims Thru Us ((PPI transition to Debt Management) & internal Debt Collection)
  • Strathern Associates (PPI transition to Debt Management)
  • Debt Solutions People (PPI & Will Writers transition to Debt Management)
  • Inspired Debt Solutions (Debt Management)

What happens next?

Regardless of how much you already know about Debt Management, the industry or what your industry is, if you are interested in starting your own Debt Management Company, Debt Collection Company or incorporating either into you our own existing PPI or Claims Management Business, then get in touch and discuss your plans with our company director.

Director / Training Consultant

Contact Thomas M Jones
Mobile: 07533 924 610 (direct)
Office: 01482 217 288 (direct)

For addition information on all of our Debt Management Training Services and any other Training offered please contact us for further information. We would be happy to arrange a meeting and sit down to discuss what we are able do for you.